Our expertise is your efficiency

The rising dynamics of logistical market and growing competitive pressure are forcing the participants of the market to improve their business processes while retaining constant profit margin and reducing nonspecialized costs. For this reason, increase of IT functionality is significantly restricted by limits of the budget.

That is why most operators on the logistics market would choose application solutions that do not require large investments or investment planning.

The key employees in our company have first-hand knowledge of logistics market - they have a background of working in international logistics companies. After several years of working at the junction of IT and business technologies, we have focused our forces, know-how and expertise in a company called CargoSoft.

Our goal is providing the participants of logistics market with economically sound IT solutions which allow to increase their competitive ability, profitability and security.

The market of logistics has many peculiarities but we understand them well. Our understanding of these peculiarities can guarantee that because of our cooperation you would spend your time on the most important -- description of your most acute problems and evaluation of results of our work.

Our vision of your business allows to reduce costs and risks associated with implementation of any IT project.