Development of customized web-solutions

A lot has been said about advantages of customized systems tuned to unique requirements of customers. We want to point out that quite a lot of modern companies work in several offices, often on different continents. Employees are mobile. With a notebook and wireless connection, they want to participate in business process, to have access to corporate information, make decisions and perform their routine duties without limitation. Everywhere: in the office, at home or on the road.

In this case, it is necessary to organize a "virtual office". Wherever the company's employees are located, they must have a full access to the information system of a "virtual office". The best solution is a customized web-system.

Requirements for such systems are very high. They are even higher in terms of information security and high activity of hackers of different types with information accessed via normal communication channels.

Another important requirement is ability to access the system via web-browser.

Benefits of such systems are enormous:

  • Mobility and availability.
  • Maximum performance can only be achieved by a customized solution.
  • Flexibility, integration with other information systems, independence from platforms of employees' and partners' PCs.
  • Scalability, compliance with modern technical requirements and ability to comply with constant changes in business conditions.
  • Cost minimization for creation of infrastructure and informational support of end-users.

Cargosoft is a young company. But even the first five years of our work on such projects for our clients allow to make a conclusion that our choice of technologies was right!