IT Outsourcing

Why outsourcing?

Outsourcing is getting very popular. Many companies outsource their legal services, advertising, transportation and many other activities. There is a common mistake that IT process is mission critical for business and thus it cannot be outsourced. However this argument is refuted by the example of automotive industry. Development and manufacturing of car details have long been assigned to contractors, because it is more efficient and profitable. Examples of outsourcing the main business process are many.

After we have answered the principal question of possibility to outsource IT services, let's examine its benefits for the companies:

  • maximizes the costs control, which is impossible in a general IT department;
  • excludes unplanned costs;
  • provides higher quality of service;
  • optimizes of IT processes and brings the business on a new level;
  • removes the necessity of decisions in human resources, management and qualification of IT personnel;
  • allows to be more focused on business goals;
  • gives access to expertise and knowledge of qualified specialists.

Any IT company that offers outsourcing services remains independent, taking care of its future. Severe competition does not allow for mistakes. Therefore the development of such a company differs from the development of an internal IT department.

IT industry is very science intensive and dynamic area. It is necessary to have a well-managed team of versatile specialists of high qualification to provide the quality of service in all aspects of business. Few companies can achieve this, especially taking into account the deficit of such people on our labour market and their high salary demands.

We spend a lot of efforts and money to be the leader in the area. Our expertise have proved to be effective in implementation of new projects. Therefore our company started a new separate activity